Senior Software Development Engineer (mastercard)

mastercard    Pune, India    2024-06-09

Job posting number: #120097 (Ref:R-221849)

Job Description

Our Purpose

We work to connect and power an inclusive, digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart and accessible. Using secure data and networks, partnerships and passion, our innovations and solutions help individuals, financial institutions, governments and businesses realize their greatest potential. Our decency quotient, or DQ, drives our culture and everything we do inside and outside of our company. We cultivate a

culture of inclusion for all employees that respects their individual strengths, views, and experiences. We believe that our differences enable us to be a better team – one that makes better decisions, drives innovation and delivers better business results.

Title and Summary

Senior Software Development Engineer


The Mastercard® Cross Border platform and services enable secure, near real-time payment transfers to and from billions of card, bank and digital accounts globally. Program Participants (banks, businesses, digital players and more) can modernize the way they send money cross-border, making funds available to recipients almost instantly. Mastercard Cross Border is proven to increase user spend and engagement, strengthening core business performance.

Do you like to be part of a team that is creating and executing strategic initiatives centered around digital payments?
Do you look forward to developing and engaging with high performant diverse teams around the globe?
Would you like to be part of a highly visible, strategically important global engineering organization?

The Role:

Technology leader who is hands-on & and can lead a team of engineers. Expected to spend 70% of time coding/on code related activities, and 30% coaching engineers on the team. This person is recognized as a team’s authority and technical expert who drives innovation and organizational growth through their contributions.

They get their adrenaline rush by coding away in IDEs. They spend majority of their time in writing non-feature code. They are hands all the time and collaborate by writing interfaces, tests (unit or acceptance) and architecture fitness functions, outside of meeting rooms.

They implement, monitor and maintain compliance and security concerns in CI/CD pipelines to bring life to the principle of “Code is Design and Design is Code”.

Domain driven design in their game. They code to enforce the contextual mappings and aggregates for each bounded context. They drive implementation of consumer driven contracts to allow for evolution and learning of the domain model with hyper speed while meeting our promises to other teams internally and customers alike.

They are polyglot engineering gurus. they bring cutting edge engineering practices to life in multiple evolving frameworks – Feature flags, fitness functions and whatever is required to reduce the cost and increase the lifecycle value of next feature delivered by engineering teams.

They love declarative paradigm and functional programming. No one can stop them from paying off technical debt and refactoring the code for better SDLC, performance and availability.

Work on complex enterprise-wide initiatives spanning multiple services/programs and drives resolution

Work with business/product owners to architect and deliver on new services to introduce new products and bundles

Participate and contribute to team’s agile process and decisions. Understand and contribute to Prioritization. Drive prioritization decisions and trade-offs in working with product partners

Drive the architectural design, including dependent services, service interactions, and policies

Take ownership to improve the customer experience of an entire set of services/applications sold as products or bundled services

Contribute and lead Guild initiatives by engaging and mentoring Engineers at all levels to improve the craftmanship of Software Engineering

Simplify and improve the cost/benefit of a function/service/architecture strategy

Apply judgment and experience to balance trade-offs between competing interests

Venture beyond comfort zone to take on assignments across different areas of Software Engineering

Take on organization-wide and public speaking engagements and publishes white papers and blogs on relevant and emerging technical topics

Consult across teams and across organization lines to identify synergies and reuse opportunities

Participate and contribute to Principal review architecture meetings and drive resolutions to enterprise-wide challenges and regulatory needs

Write recommendations for job promotions based on an unbiased view of one's accomplishments

Conduct technical interviews for hiring engineering staff and raising the performance bar

Identify and raise awareness to Silo-ed behaviors within the organization and teams

All About You and What you need to bring:

Expert in building highly resilient & scalable distributed systems. Has deep exposure to various database, messaging & caching technologies.

Progressively grown career with proven design and development experiences in multiple languages (e.g., Java, .NET, JavaScript, SQL), secure coding standards (e.g., OWASP, CWE, SEI CERT), and vulnerability management.

Has an expert understanding and experience of DevOps best practices to guide developers and abstract application development from underlying hosting platforms and infrastructure. Infrastructure as code and cloud first software development knowledge experience preferred.

Experienced in the skills required to implement advanced test set ups in production environment (e.g., A/B testing, canary releases, blue-green deployment, feature flags)

Experience in Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD) concepts, and capabilities to support automation, pipelines, virtualization, and containerization

Understands internals of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mainframe) to write interoperable and performant code.

Has skills to develop and evangelize on reference architecture and run principles to help teams adopt Engineering Principles from the start (poison pill, active/active/active, auto-scaling, self-healing, others)

Understands use cases for advanced design patterns (e.g., service-to-worker, MVC, API gateway, intercepting filter, dependency injection, lazy loading, all from gang of four) to implement efficient code

Understands and implements Application Programming Interface (API) standards and cataloging to drive API/service adoption and commercialization

Has skills to promote and coach teams on take on full stack development and facilitate end-to-end service ownership

Has skills to engage engineers across Technology organization to promote standard software patterns and reuse of common libraries and services

Has experience in leading and coaching teams to perform software planning and estimation for large scale complex programs

Has skills to drive trade-off discussions to set right development capacity based on value drivers (e.g., regulatory, security, new business, market parity, technical debt)

Has experience in design and execution of automation across multiple business areas and provides guidance on best methods and tools.

Performance engineering experience to ensure applications are built to scale, run, and perform for varying demands

Has skills to evaluate practices, metrics, and roles to continually optimize SDLC methodologies and automate processes to improve lead time and quality

Has skills to perform architecture and cost analysis for internal, hybrid, and public cloud environments

Has skills to succinctly articulate architecture patterns of complex systems, with business and technical implications, to executive and customer stakeholders

Has skills to define and drive advanced chaos and other operational testing practices to test points of failures, monitors, and system behaviors under adverse conditions (e.g., resource spikes, network congestion, component or infrastructure failure)

Experienced in agile and modern SDLC practices (Scrum/Kanban/Continuous Delivery/DevOps/Quality engineering) and the delivery situations they are used for

Corporate Security Responsibility

All activities involving access to Mastercard assets, information, and networks comes with an inherent risk to the organization and, therefore, it is expected that every person working for, or on behalf of, Mastercard is responsible for information security and must:

  • Abide by Mastercard’s security policies and practices;

  • Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information being accessed;

  • Report any suspected information security violation or breach, and

  • Complete all periodic mandatory security trainings in accordance with Mastercard’s guidelines.

Employer Info

Job posting number:#120097 (Ref:R-221849)
Application Deadline:2024-07-09
Employer Location:Mastercard
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